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Here is the new church calendar: Click this link.

Malcolm's Teachings on the Web

Malcolm's teachings on a variety of subjects in streaming audio: Click this link. Several new ones are added each week - along with the teaching from last Sunday.

For Malcolm's teachings on leadership please go to!

Internet Filter

Our recommended internet filter: Safe Eyes . Keep pornography etc. off your computer. We use this service and do highly recommend it.

Prophetic Word for Living Faith

During his visit in January 2005, our dear friend Terry Bennett delivered this prophetic word. It is a must read for the whole church family!

Biblically Balanced Faith

A new teaching from Dr. Malcolm Webber, presenting a biblically balanced faith. Corrects the imbalances of fatalism on one hand and extreme faith on the other. Powerpoint is available here. This teaching (titled Biblically Balanced Faith) is also available on tape from our online bookstore. It is also available in MP3 streaming audio online here.


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Materials for Africa

The following is the response from Michael Howard to Malcolm’s question concerning the practical usefulness of the teaching materials we supply to their ministry in Southern Sudan and Malawi, in Africa:

Malcolm’s question: Michael, regarding the materials we have sent over: how effective, how appropriate, how useful are those?

Michael’s answer: We don’t have any left. You have to understand that natives in Africa passionately desire materials to read and study. In Africa you will never find anybody that will take a tract and throw it down. This is one of the advantages of the continent. It doesn’t matter where you go. You can have a million tracts. We used to throw them out of airplanes by the millions and it doesn’t matter where they land, people are going to pick them up and read them and it’s estimated that for every tract that you get into the hands of one person, over 300 people will read that tract. So the materials that are coming from you people, we have used them. We don’t have any in the office. We have taught from them. We have encouraged them to take them out and go and use them. Your materials are found right across Southern Sudan and our graduates are going out. Many of our graduates are already starting schools of their own. They’re taking that material and many of them have started their own Bible colleges now in the most remote areas. If they only have 10 students, that’s fine. You take 10 men that are really hungry to learn something and so they’ve gone already across Southern Sudan and they’re establishing their own little schools wherever they are going, taking this material, using it and of course there is always a need for more. They are very jealous of that material and we really thank you for supporting us and supplying it to us. We certainly do use it. It’s a tremendous blessing. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for being behind us. Thank you everyone who has been involved. Those things and that labor have a big end result.

Michael has recently requested more materials from us for the school in Southern Sudan. Our monthly missions offering this month will go toward the cost of providing these materials.

From our Church Plant in Russia...

Here is a report about the church in New Cheboksary, Russia, that we planted some years ago. Terry Grabow, the initial American pastor of the work, just returned from a trip and shared this report. It is a blessing!

“The church in New Cheboksary is doing great! Their spiritual growth is very visible every year that I go back to visit. They now have 19 cell groups, 4 or 5 of which are in the city of Cheboksary. They have a missionary to one of the villages in the Chuvash Republic.

They have children's ministries, youth ministries, Jewish ministries, a tremendous worship team and a committed and faithful group of leaders. They have not only organization but they have life. The church is growing with new people getting saved and disciple.

It is such a blessing to see. In the past when I have gone, I have been pressed by many people asking me to pray for them in their desperate situations. This year very few people asked me to pray for them. Why? Because they are standing in faith for themselves and also because the Body of Christ is ministering to itself.

Without a doubt it is one of the finest churches I have ever been in. God is doing such a wonderful work.” Please continue to pray for them. They face fresh trials daily.

A Transitional Time

Recent prophetic word shared during a time of waiting on God at Living Faith: "As a church we are in a transitional stage right now. God is moving us into a new phase of life and a new phase of ministry. And we are right now in a transitional time and of course a time of transition in birthing is a very difficult time. It's a painful time." Read the whole word.

Minister at Living Faith

Wednesday Night Toddler Care

Looking for a way to serve the church body? Maybe you can do so by helping young moms during the next workshop module by watching their toddlers (ages 18 months—3 years) so they don’t have to miss any classes. You can sign up to help for the whole 4-week module or be on a rotating team with several others. Teens through adults are welcome to help. Please contact Shar Yordy today if you can help in this way.

We have many ministry opportunities at Living Faith. Please take a look and tell us what you're interested in.


Regular Meeting Times

Elkhart Fellowship:
Anglo worship photo
  Sunday: 8.30 AM, 10.30 AM.
  Sunday: 6.30 PM (led by youth).
  Wednesday: 7 PM (workshops).

2601 Benham Avenue
Elkhart, Indiana, 46517

Please Call for more information: (574) 295-4357. Or email.

There is a nursery and great meetings for children.

Fe Viviente (Elkhart Hispanic Fellowship): is currently meeting with the whole church on Sundays mornings.

¡Traducción! Disponible para la gente hispana. Comunique con Juan Carlos en la primera fila lado izquierda. Gracias.

If you see someone in need of Spanish translation please direct them to Juan Carlos at the front left of the auditorium.

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You will receive a free copy of To Enjoy Him Forever (a great book on knowing God) when you come to a Sunday morning meeting! Please ask for this at the Information Booth in the front foyer.

The Suffering Church Around the World

Read the latest Compass Direct report regarding the suffering church. There are stories from many nations.

View Unreached People of the Day


Mucho Missions Trips!

Going on a foreign missions trip? We have a lot of information for you.

Prayer at LFF meeting

Does church have to be boring? We don't think so. Our goal on Sunday morning (the traditional time for torturously boring church meetings) is to be led by the Holy Spirit and fulfill His purposes. That means that every meeting is different and alive! God is real and His people should be too!

ConneXions Leadership School

We have closings or delays according to the Elkhart Community Schools system. Please check here for closing and delay information (if any).

Our next ConneXions school will start in September, 2005. We will only take a limited number of participants. Sign up soon!

Do You Have Any Testimonies You Could Share?

On this website we are going to put some testimonies from the members of the church family.

We need lots of testimonies of Divine healing, deliverance, protection, provision, etc. What has God done for you and your family members? Let's share it with the world!

We also need testimonies regarding your experience in the life of the church itself.

To help us in this regard, please answer some or all of the questions on our brief survey.

Take a look at the testimonies that are already there.

In particular, check out Corey Maller's testimony. It is really cool.

Man Raised From the Dead!

Authentic testimony of a man recently raised from the dead in Africa! Here's a photo of his empty coffin!
The Empty Coffin!
Daniel Ekechukwu, a Nigerian pastor, had been certified dead and injected with embalming fluids before reviving three days later at a Reinhard Bonnke meeting. Read the whole story.


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