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About Living Faith


Our Meetings. A description of the style and purpose of our meetings. We are not a “seeker-driven” church; we are a “God-driven” church. We are not the church for everyone; but God shows up to our church quite regularly.

Also here are times and locations of various meetings throughout the entire church.

Our Structure. Here is a fairly detailed description of our leadership structure and style.

Led by Leaders in the Context of Teams.

Our Legal Status. A brief description of our legal, corporate status.


Our Purpose. Here is a complete statement of the special calling God has given our church family.

Our History. A brief history of when we started in Goshen and when we moved to Elkhart.


Statement of Faith.

Issues. Various doctrinal statements as well as our positions on various controversial issues.

The Bible.
Women in Ministry and Leadership.
Divine Healing.
Can a Christian Have a Demon?
Levels of Authority of Doctrines.
The Baptism in the Holy Spirit.
Speaking in Tongues.

Our People

Our Leaders. We have many leaders throughout the life of the church family. Here are just a few of them.

Our Members. Meet some members of Living Faith. Here you will also find a list of all our family profiles that are on this site.

A Multicultural, Multigenerational Church. At Living Faith we work hard at being both multicultural and multigenerational.

Some Cool Stories. Testimonies from the life of the church of salvations, healings, deliverances, protections, provisions, marriage and family restorations, and other answers to prayer. Also some great reflections on life at Living Faith.