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Believing that every Christian is a “minister,” we have a very large “ministry team”! A few members of that team are mentioned below.

Malcolm Webber is the Senior Pastor of the church. He is also the founder and president of Strategic Global Assistance, Inc. - a ministry dedicated to facilitating leadership development, particularly in poor and closed nations. Malcolm was born in Australia at a very early age. He grew up in Brisbane, Queensland, and was dramatically saved in 1980 at the age of 19. He began ministering soon after. Malcolm has had the privilege of seeing the Lord save, heal, deliver, teach and equip many people and many leaders in about 30 nations around the world.
Malcolm's photo
He met his wife Ruth (a native of Indiana), when he was visiting America in 1984. They were married the following year and now have six children on the earth - John, Marlise, Sarah, David, Joshua and Malcolm II. Malcolm received his B.A. from Queensland University and his M.A. from Regent University. He has a Ph.D. in organizational leadership from the Center for Leadership Studies in Virginia Beach. He has written over 30 books, the most popular of which is To Enjoy Him Forever, and his writings have been published in both scholarly and popular journals. Malcolmís two life purposes are “To know God and to help others know Him” and “To build leaders to impact the nations.”

Gary Yordy is an Elder, Associate Pastor and Treasurer at Living Faith. He works with the family, youth and childrenís ministries in the church. His heartís desire is to encourage others to faithfully serve our Lord as ambassadors of reconciliation.

Doug Rassi is an Elder and leads the Adult Support Team for the Youth Ministry. Doug has a passion to see our young people grow up and be trained up to know, understand and walk in the purpose and calling that our Lord has for their life. He wants to see a proper balance of life skills be realized by our youth for practical living. He wants to see our entire church continue to become "The Family of Destiny" where generational walls don't exist and spiritual maturity abounds. Doug wants Living Faith to be a family that just plain has a blast being together.

Carolyn Streby leads Living Faithís Womenís Ministry. She also oversees the churchís food pantry Ė Elijahís Cupboard. Her desire is to encourage others to know that God is faithful and loving and to see people saved and blessed. She ministered for a time at Pendleton Reformatory to prisoners there and saw many miraculous healings as she shared the gospel.

Sharon Chupp oversees the Mobilization Ministry. For four years she led a jail ministry and then served March for Jesus eight years - five of these as Regional Coordinator. Her desire is to help Godís people to discover their giftings and fulfill their calling. God has used her to mobilize and train Christians to become effective in the body of Christ.

Tony Hajicek is Worship Team Leader at Living Faith. Soon after being saved in 1986 he began ministering musically. God has used him to encourage the musical giftings of others. His desire is to musically create an atmosphere where the presence of the Lord is welcome and where there is liberty in the Spirit.

Sharlene Yordy is Living Faithís Childrenís Ministry Director. God has used her to provide direction and curriculum for the childrenís church. Shar is also the director of the Living Faith Leadership Academy. Her vision is to see the hearts of the parents turned to the children and the hearts of the children turned to the parents so that our families will be bright lights in a dark world.

Jim Chupp is Living Faithís Head Usher. He has served the Lord since he was saved at 14. His special gift is to make people feel welcome and at home in the church. He has a desire to see the body of Christ come together as one body to worship Jesus in unity.

Alan Reder is Leader of the Audio-Visual Team for Living Faith. He has trained a team that provides sound reinforcement support to the various ministries at Living Faith. His goal is to bring Godís people into His presence through praise and worship where the Holy Spirit will change lives through the power of the Word.

Living Faithís Youth Leaders are Jason Hill, Jill Stutsman, Michael Hart, David Ott, Phil Wolfenden (from Oz), Brady Maller and Ben Stoffel. They have developed a strong youth group and have seen God do great things in our young people. Their vision is to see the young people minister to their full potential and to see Godís glory in the church.

Lynette Slaubaugh leads Living Faithís Disabilities Ministry. She began in the fall of Ď97 and has developed a strong ministry in the church. She has worked with the disabled for nearly 20 years, including in the nation of Ch*na. Her vision is to see the disabled come to their full potential in Christ and be a vital part of the church.

Tom Stutsman is an Elder at Living Faith. He has a vision to see strong families develop in the church. He has a servants heart and works with the youth. He sees one of his jobs in the church as translating Australian words into English!

James Tyson is an Elder and Family Ministries Leader at Living Faith. He has ministered overseas in Russia, Guatemala and Mexico. His vision is to see Jesus glorified and to see the lost saved and to grow in the Lord.

Jennifer Giltner is our fearless Secretary. She also oversees ministries related to the facilities.

Mark and Patty Katzer head up our prayer ministry.

Mark and Mariah Chupp lead our Hospitality Ministry. They are working to build a strong church community which radiates the love of Christ to every member. Mark also heads up the Creative Video ministry and Mariah is greatly involved in women's ministry.

Plus an innumerable host of talented, gifted and passionately committed people who all richly contribute to make Living Faith what it is.

Our generation demands uncommonly resourceful leaders.
(Howard G. Hendricks)