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Testimonies from the Ministry of Our Equipping Teams in Asia

* This is the first leadership training in the history of our movement. We don't have a Leadership Training School. It's God's grace that has led us in these many years. With no training, we've had lots of ups and downs since our movement came into existence. We've experienced a lot of frustrations, struggles, and twists and turns. In our hearts, we desire to be good leaders. We've cried for this training for many years.

Our movement is facing a turning point in our history, so the teacher's coming is very timely. We needed this training very badly. The training that the teacher has given us these two weeks has helped us greatly. Now we understand the mission and faithful clarity of our call to leadership. We all received a revelation from this training. It makes our visions clearer, our purposes more specific, our confidence stronger, our strategies more detailed, and our structure more complete. This training helps to refresh our movement, strengthen the cohesion of our movement and improve the dynamic to serve God. We are longing for the teacher to build a leadership training school and short-term training center. We praise our Father for bringing this about. May God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ show us grace! Amen.

* At present, our movement is confronted with a structural reform. The trainings that the teacher has given us these days benefit us a lot. The training on refreshing visions brought us the confidence, principles and strategies to do the reformation. It also made the vision that God has revealed to our movement clearer and more correct. The training on the vision of individual calling lets us to see our own gifts and calling more accurately. It helped me understand myself better than before and find the appropriate position in the serving field. The leadership training taught me how to become a better leader and understand the essentials and strategies of leadership training. The training on resolving conflictions released me from the distress of being ostrich-like. It helped me to know that I can resolve the confliction with the approaches of compromise, pooling the wisdom and efforts from everyone, even through competition. I hope that the teacher may have bigger burden to our movement and provide training to us periodically. It will be great if we may have a leadership training school in this country preparing leaders to help our churches become stronger and more mature so that we may avoid the painful cost to the churches results from the immature leaders.

* Glory to our God Father, Thank you very much for the teacher. I am very glad you came so far away this time to bring the good message of the gospel. Our vision is more clear due to the training and equipping you provided for us. It helps us be a great leader and to lay our life down to the Lord. And by the Holy Spirit using those gifts God gave us so we can serve and have a passion for others. My words can not express my true feelings from my heart for all you have given us. May God prepare us so we can serve better our Lord in heaven.

* Peace in the Lord. We thank the Lord that you could come in our midst at this time because we really need it. It's God that sent you here. Through this training my heart was stirred up, not just to know Biblical truth, but my whole life was changed. This training is not just something I need, but something the whole church needs. So this is our desire - leadership training. I truly desire to have more of this kind of gathering and training because this is such a great need in our midst.

* Peace in the Lord. Thanks be to God for providing this training and fellowship. I am really blessed. Through this training God touched my life again. Deep in my heart, I want to live every moment for the Lord, in His joy and God's glory. In my own life, I want to give even the little things to God, laying down my life, not looking for my own good. Knowing that our purpose is to serve, I want to press in to do that for God. Through this training, I have a new vision, a new hope. It makes me long to move forward in the ministry with diligence. Looking forward, I know that the days to come will be hard. I have more understanding of Biblical truth and doctrine now, as before my knowledge was limited. Now we know how to deal with conflict in the church, and how to use our giftings properly. I have more longing now to see God's power moving through the gifts in my life, to build deeper relationship with God, to have a greater heart for prayer. This kind of meeting is very important and precious. I truly hope that in the future we will have more of this kind of meeting to encourage us in the Lord. May our God move in your heart to come more often to help us learn to work properly together, bringing glory to God and more blessing to us. Glory be to the Trinity. May his peace and love be with you. Amen.

* For me, this training has been a great privilege and opportunity. You have laid down your life to come, to share with the anointing. When you shared the vision, it deeply gripped my heart. My life is renewed. My ministry is transformed, and my heart is stirred to more passion. You used word of wisdom to share the message. It opened my eyes to see how important it is to know the truth, to have the knowledge and ability and also the gifting to speak clearly in many different ways, to see all the angles. All these precious messages we can not learn from the books, only by your experience in serving God, your life and your testimony. I would like training in the future. I hope, Teacher, that you can help us more in learning the truth, serving and knowing God so we can help others in the flock, and God will be pleased. I want to be a faithful servant. Amen.

* Through this leadership training, I realize that in my ministry I have been unfeeling towards the team, fellowship, and others, causing damage and dissatisfaction. But God will not allow me to continue in that way. In the training my heart was convicted. When there is conflict in the church, most often it is caused by my own lack of knowledge of how to handle it.

God changed me, my personality, temperament, my character. God cut through all these things. I understand God's purpose in my life and how He can use me.

Before, when co-workers would disagree, we didn't know what to do about it, but now we know how to deal with it. I am a leader and need to be an example in these things, both in my attitude and my practical walk, in order to bring God glory, and to bring unity in the church that the Gospel might be spread. No matter what I do, I will persevere in working for the Lord with my whole heart, and will submit to the team. Amen.

* Through this training, I know how important it is to be a leader, and the great responsibility that comes with it. First, if a leader wants to serve God, he needs to have a vision and a strategy, and a large heart. Also, he needs to be an example, to fulfill his responsibilities, so that through us God receives glory.

Thank God for His grace upon us. In the five years I have served, this is my first leadership training that was more than one or two days long. Before, I only knew to lay down my life to share the Gospel. I didn't have any specific tools. I thought that if I was faithful and laid down my life, that was enough. But, through this time God has opened my heart so that now I know specific strategies and how important it is to use them.

I want the Lord to protect my heart so that I can be faithful and a good servant, and lead people to the Lord in a healthy way.

* I am an itinerant worker. I always visit different places to see the brothers and sisters. I'm so pleased to be able to come to this training. I'd like to share my reflections of the meeting. In the morning of the second day of training, I saw you up front and felt the love around that place. It overwhelmed my heart. My heart was full of joy. I can't express this love in words. I never experienced this before. Praise the Lord. Through this training, I have a deeper understanding and vision. I've had a revelation in my thoughts. My eyes have been opened wider as to how to deal with issues in the church. It has enlightened my heart. From the beginning, the Bible has had these principles in it, but I saw them in a new way.

The church leaders in our country for the most part lack leadership skills, and have been waiting for an opportunity to be trained. I trust that you already have seen this need, and hope that you come here more often to train us. It helps to equip us so that we can be prepared for greater and deeper work. Thank you.

Thank you so much for this couple of weeks of helping and encouraging us. May the Lord's blessing and peace and joy be with you and your family. Amen.

* Thank you Lord for your grace in giving me this opportunity to come to the meeting. Because of being in the meeting, I have received comfort, encouragement and training. I truly got blessed. Glory to the Lord. I also am thankful to the Lord for the teacher's hard work and that of the translator. May the Lord bless their health and spiritual well-being. Also, may the Lord prepare the way for you to come again to train us. Hallelujah.

Through this period of time training, I began to know new steps, to have a new vision. A new vision will bring a new identity, a new structure, a new breakthrough, new power, new thoughts, new strategies. It will also bring new problems. We need to know how to face change. This is our need. All this is from the Holy Spirit.

Through the teaching on leadership training and personal calling, I was deeply touched. This was a very important teaching. My life has been renewed again. In the days to come, this will help me know how to serve better. Even though we speak a different language, we understand each other. This is God's power. Your life in God shows, and your gift for teaching is evident. You are a faithful servant. May God bless you and your home. Peace be with you forever. Emmanuel, brother.

* Through this time of training, my vision has become clearer. Looking back at the work of the past, I know deep in my heart that the Lord's grace has been there. God used the environment to mold us and also others through hard times, persecution, poverty, relationships, friendships and political situations. The reason is to bring forth a testimony for the Lord, and so that God can use me. Let us become blessings of the Lord in this era, laying down everything, so that Jesus becomes our treasure.

From now on , I want to forget my past and to go forward, renew my mind, face the new vision, new battle, rely on God, have boldness to face greater revival and battle. I want to accept whatever God sends. I want to obey, and faith. Facing all kinds of problems, persecutions, hardships, I will have no fear, because my Lord fights for me and prays for me. He's already won the battle. He is our King. He only wants all our hearts, all our minds, and all our strength to be in Him. Amen.

* These many years, God's grace and love have been with me and I have experienced God's power. Through these two weeks of training, I know that God has special grace for our movement, so our vision has been renewed. A life is changed. Our work has God's stamp of approval. Truth has deepened. In the days to come, we have the tools to meet new missions. God brought you to work in our midst. God knows your hard work and your labor. I really hope that this kind of training will be continued. I also hope that you will come many times to teach and share in our midst. In God, we will be renewed, prepared. I also hope that many teachers from your church can come here to teach us, to share the Word of God, and fulfill God's commands. May God bless you for all the things you do. Thank you for your support here. Amen.

* Dear Teacher, you worked very hard. We were with you for two weeks. It was a very precious time. It's hard to face our departure. Suddenly we came, suddenly we go, and it will be a long time before we see each other again. But we will not forget how the Lord blessed us through you. We will also not forget the wonderful teaching you gave to us. This is my reflection through this study.

First, I thank you for coming to our country, because millions of souls are crying out for help. Also, you helped our fellowship. God sent many foreign brothers and sisters to us. We don't take God's calling lightly. We also don't take your calling lightly, and we want to live up to it. We will join our hearts together in winning millions of souls, rejoicing in Christ.

Through this training, I received a lot. It helped me to understand the mission and battle. It also helped me in dealing with my family, as we are both husband and wife in the mission. When I was young, I gave my life to Jesus. I joined the mission more than eight years ago. We went through weakness, hurt, hardships, persecution, problems, but despite all this, God showed us His love, and I am still here today. After I got married, my wife and I were not together for very long, because of the mission work. We both have felt lonely. Through your sharing, I know how important family is. We requested to be able to work together in order that Satan not gain a foothold against us. For Biblical truth, you shared a very balanced message. Our movement needs this message. I don't have the words to tell you. I want you to return many times. Maybe you can come to different locations to train us. Can you come?

Teacher, even though we have just parted, yet our spirits are not parted. May we remember each other in the Lord. We will raise up our hands in prayer for you. I also will take all the things I learned in the training to share with my wife, the church, my co-workers. May God bless you, bless your health, your work, your family, and bring revival in your church, so that God can flow through you to bless all nations. Please forgive me for my lack of knowledge. There are thousands of words I can not express. Emmanuel. May God be with both of us forever.

* Thanks be to God for giving me this opportunity to come for training. The time went by too fast. I wish this study would continue. Through this sharing God gave the church of our country orders for battle. The Church needs a change, a new structure, larger hearts. I saw God's calling on this era of need. Right now I am focused, and I have been renewed. Through other's sharing of their work, I have been encouraged. Learning how to lead a church and build character have been valuable lessons for me. In this kind of a study where there is interaction in a small group, it really helps us. This is from God. All the things you shared were things we could apply to our work. The hard work you and your translator did was a real example to us. I hope that we can have this kind of study a couple of times a year to help us and build us up. Our team has many workers, and they can not all come. I hope they can all receive this kind of training. God will bless through this training in order to bring revival in our country, and great power in the Church. I believe this is God's heart. Thanks be to God for giving the Church of our country His grace. Also, thank you for coming in our midst to help. Amen. God bless you. Thank you!

* The two sisters from your team were excellent. Their preaching was done in power, revealing a very close relationship with God. We were very impressed!