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Bonnie - Ears Healed by the Power of God!

I had noticed that I was having trouble hearing and was actually
thinking of going to have my hearing tested. I was asking people to repeat things to me and having trouble with the volume on the radio, it was so loud it bothered those around me.

One Sunday Malcolm had a word that God wanted to heal someone's hearing, that they were having problems with their left
ear. Well I was actually having problems with both but decided it was better to have God heal one of them, than be deaf in both. So I decided to go up and be prayed for.

Malcolm prayed for both ears, it actually hurt my ears when he prayed for them, and I was glad when he was done. Later as we went out to eat in a restaurant, I could not believe my ears when I could actually hear the people at the next table talking and could understand everything they said. WOW !!! PRAISE GOD !!!

(As of February 2002, this happened about a year ago and Bonnie's hearing has continued to be well today.)