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Testimonies from the Ministry of Our Equipping Team America

* This teaching on leadership has been great for me. It will also be a great blessing for my family, for the church and for the community... Everything that we heard in the seminar has been of great help to me as a servant of God, and has come to confirm my ministry. It has also encouraged me to keep going and to change some things that I have been doing wrong. Thank you!

* It was a great privilege to have received this seminar. I have been in the ministry for six years and I've been to a lot of seminars. However, I had never been to one that was so beautiful, so filled with power, and, truthfully, saturated with the Holy Spirit. It's been a blessing for me. I thank God that I have learned many things about my ministry.

* For a long time I have been praying to the Lord asking for answers regarding my leadership, and you have given me the answers to those prayers.

* I am very grateful for such precious teaching... All this will help me for the rest of my ministry. It will also help me to grow and to keep on building leaders.

* This seminar has been a great blessing for me. I have learned many beautiful things. I have also realized the mistakes I have made. With God's help I am going to be able to change my bad leadership attitudes.

* The seminar has been very special... I am also thankful because on Wednesday you prayed for my wife and God healed her. She had a serious womb infection, and 2 hours after the prayer, when she went to be examined, the infection was gone.

* This seminar has been very special for me…I thank God for sending you to our country. It's a blessing from God.

* This seminar has been a huge blessing for my life… Our wish is that many other brothers are blessed, just as we were.

* This was a seminar that will help us to serve others the way Christ did it. It will also help us to search for God's purpose. I have to say that they didn't include a course on leadership at the theological seminary I attended. The teaching was also very motivational, especially because it was based in the Scriptures and in the person of Christ. Thank you for blessing our ministry!

* Extraordinary teaching! It has helped me a lot.

* Thank you for the teaching. The Lord didn't bring you here in vain. This is the first time that I have received a seminar like this. Everything has been excellent.

* The global vision of our ministry has expanded as a result of this seminar. It has also allowed me to see little things in which I have failed. I will be able to apply 100% of what we learned.

* This seminar has opened my eyes. It also has expanded the vision about serving the Lord the way He wants us to. I want to pass to others what I have learned, that we have to serve others and not ourselves.

* This seminar was a gift from God to me. This will help me in the rest of my ministry. Thank you for coming to my country.

* The seminar has been very special for me. The teaching is deep... Everything has been very well taught, and has been well absorbed by everyone.

* What you are doing is life… Because you teach, God, in this short time, amazingly blesses us… Thank you for your teaching… God used your words to renew my life.