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Corey - Ears Healed by God's Power!

From the time I was 2-3 years old I experienced chronic ear infections and I have had two or three ear surgeries. My adenoids were overgrown which blocked off the drainage flows from both of my ears to my sinus system. As a result of this blockage my ears developed continual chronic infections. The infection was so bad that it caused a foul odor and I was in much pain.

About three years ago the Doctor informed me that drainage tubes would not have helped and were not a consideration. Tests showed that my left ear had about 75% damage and my right ear had damage of 25%. This gave me a total hearing ability of 50%.

Due to my inability to hear well, it affected my speech in that I didn't pronounce words clearly. Although I learned to read lips quite well, I often found it easier to be in my own little world.

The doctor's recommendation was to operate on the left ear first, because it was in the worst condition. He made no guarantees, and repeatedly stressed how serious and dangerous the 3-4 hour operation would be. He chose the left ear because he said if he made things worse by the surgery then he would not operate on the right ear since it only had 25% damage. There were risks of cutting facial nerves and also the auditory damage was very close to the brain stem. My parents chose to have the surgery done about 2½ yrs. ago.

In both ears, two of the three bones in the inner ear had deteriorated because of the constant presence of infection over the years. The surgeon had to manipulate the remaining bone in order to hopefully give proper hearing. Skin was also grafted from my outer ear to my inner ear, so the inner ear skin would migrate out, during cell reproduction.

My first surgery on my left ear was successful, so about 9 months later I went in for my right ear surgery. This operation was also successful. When I went in for my 3 month checkup, the bone in my right ear needed a final adjustment between my eardrum and inner ear. This surgery was also successful. However, when I went back in for my final checkup, the doctor was alarmed. As he examined both ears he said that both ears were not healing right. He was concerned with scar tissue, infections, and the overall healing condition of the proper alignment of the bones. His main concern, however, was the poor condition in the right ear and stated that we probably would have been better off never having done the surgeries in the first place. He said that at the rate this ear was healing, it would probably have 75% or more hearing loss. Plus, he said that another surgery was out of he question and could result in total deafness in the right ear. This is the ear that only had 25% loss to begin with. The doctor said he would monitor the ear on a regular basis for a year or more and that we could only hope for the best.

The healing felt a long way off until about a year ago when I was sitting in church and Deb Wyman received a word about healing for all right ears. After hearing this, Malcolm asked for all those with any infection in the right ear to come to the front and receive prayer; I went to the front and received prayer from Malcolm. Later that week I went to the doctor for a check up. To the doctor's amazement my ears had been completely cleared up. He was totally astonished. He could not believe what had happened and said this type of healing was unexplainable. In fact, the left ear as well as my right, as a result of prayer, were in the most ideal condition that any doctor could imagine. I have had no sign of infection since then and I am able to hear and have no pain. Praise Jesus! (written March 2002)