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A Seven Year Old Girl Has Her Ears Healed by God's Power!

This is Diane's testimony: Our daughter's hearing was tested at school when she was six years old. The test revealed her hearing was impaired. She was again tested when she was seven.
This time her hearing was way below normal and one ear was almost deaf. She could only hear certain pitched sounds.

The nurse and speech teacher recommended an eat specialist. He gave her an extensive ear examine appointment. He said her hearing tested worst than the previous test taken at the school. The doctor was not sure what was going on. At first he thought it was fluid and she would need tubes. Then the fluid disappeared and her hearing was still getting worst. Also, he thought perhaps her hearing problem was due to a traumatic head injury she had at five. She had several serious side affects from the accident.The doctor tried different medications but her hearing got worse. He kept warning us she might need a surgery.

One Sunday, we took our daughter to the front of the meeting to be prayed for. They prayed and broke the power of a spirit of infirmity and asked God restore her hearing.

She then had a doctor's appointment that same week. They gave her several hearing tests, which lasted about 45 minutes. The doctor finally told us that her hearing tested perfectly. Both ears are perfectly normal now. We thank the Lord for healing her ears and praise Him because no operation was needed.