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Ethel's Testimony

I have part of Living Faith for 9 years. I am blessed to be a part of the food pantry. God's heart is toward the poor, and I love to be His hands and voice to these people. We have seen many encouraged thru answered pray, and just seeing that someone cares. Some have responded to the Gospel and been born again.

I am glad that missions is a focus of our church. This is where my heart is, and God has provided the money supernaturally for every trip my husband and I have been a part of. What a joy to help and encourage believers in another culture.

I hurt my back in 1983, and had periodic problems for several years. During one episode of pain (1997/98) I was worshiping on Sunday morning when something that felt like electricity went down thru my body. Suddenly the pain was gone. And it hasn't ever been back. Praise God, I have a healthy back.