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Joseph's Testimony

Here is a wonderful testimony of healing from Joseph Murala, our friend from India who is with us for ConneXions:

I praise God for healing me from 10 kinds of physical ailments after coming to ConneXions. They are:

Four kinds of pain:

1. Right heel pain

2. Right knee pain

3. Back (spine)

4. Right shoulder for about two years

One skin disease:

Black rough spots on hands and thighs with itching since more than a year.

Three chronic ailments:

1. Diabetes for 13 years. I used to test my blood every month and get medicine from the doctor. Now none.

2. Stomach trouble since 6 years. I used to restrict my diet.

3. Piles for 10 years.

Two other infirmities:

1. Fungus since last two years making me feel uneasy.

2. A sore on the ear since two years.


First, fungus was healed on my first attendance of Sunday worship at LFF when some people prayed for me. Diabetes was cured during the time I fasted for 3 days with the team. The other complaints disappeared within two months one after the other as I continued claiming healing in the name of Jesus with a renewed mind and surrender to the Lord.

All these physical healings took place one after the other along with the mental and spiritual transformation I have received as a result of my participation in the ConneXions leadership school.