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Testimony of Trudy Murphy

As a witness to my Lord Jesus Christ, I write this testimony to share with you.

I am so glad to know Jesus. I am so blessed to know His truth.

The first time I can remember praying to Jesus was when I was about 10 years old. I was at my Great-Aunt Effie's house and my dad and her were having quite a discussion about Him. They were both Christians at the time, and my aunt was offering some encouragement to my dad. I found a dark corner in her house and sat down in it. I don't remember the exact prayer, but I know it was the first time I prayed to Jesus. From that time on, I believe the Lord entered my life, but it was quite some time down the road before I truly sought to know Him.

I was first saved and water baptized when I was 26 years old. I went to Winding Waters Brethren Church each Sunday, but I'm afraid as I look back, my walk at that time was far from sincere. I was married and had two children at the time. I enjoyed listening to the sermon on Sunday, but did not let Jesus enter the rest of my life. I only occupied a pew each week.

My marriage failed after 15 years, and I found myself absolutely heartbroken and afraid, and deep in the middle of many financial and emotional problems. I spent many days unable to get out of bed due to depression. It was a very dark time. I made many bad choices for the next 5 years. I had pushed Jesus completely out of my life.

Praise God for His enduring love! In the Fall of 1996, I was invited to come to Living Faith Fellowship for a Sunday meeting. I began coming on a fairly regular basis soon. The open worship was different. The prophetic gifting being shared was a little hard to grasp. But, I was curious and enjoyed the wonderful teaching I was being exposed to.

In April of 1997, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. What a shock! It was terrible news - I thought. But, it turned out to be the avenue that I would go down to really meet Jesus. I made an appointment with Malcolm shortly after being diagnosed. I didn't quite know what I was going to say, but I knew I needed direction. I remember thinking on the way to my appointment, "Please, Lord, teach me how I should pray."

During that meeting with Malcolm, we didn't mention the word "cancer" even once. Malcolm was more interested in the issue of salvation, and wanted to know if I had ever been baptized in the Holy Spirit, and, if not, would I like to be. We prayed for this, but nothing really happened at church. I drove home and entered my garage. The minute the garage door closed behind me, I began to feel very "heavy" all over. I closed my eyes. Then, with a feeling that I needed to either open my mouth or explode, I began speaking in tongues. I remember taking the deepest breath I could take, and then just letting it flow -- over and over again. I remember thinking that I never wanted to speak English again. What a glorious day that was.

I believe the Lord equipped me that day for what was to come. He gave me a huge hunger for Him and His Word. I needed to know Jesus. Really know Him. He told me to "diligently seek My face".

Over the last 3-1/2 years, the Lord has hugely blessed me. While dealing with doctor's reports and testing, chemotherapy, and surgery, the Lord has taught me to focus only on Him. He has held me up and given me such faith and strength that I would have never thought possible. He picked me up every single time I reached for Him. His Word is more precious to me every time I read it. I know now that He is truth and there is no other.

He has taught me to trust Him with every part of me and my life. I have learned that trials are always a huge opportunity to grow closer to Jesus and to surrender whatever it may be to Him. I have learned first-hand that our Lord is our Healer. And I get such great joy and freedom from knowing that He is control, not me.

I thank our Lord Jesus for his patience with me. I thank Him for being so faithful and full of mercy. I thank Him for allowing me to serve Him. I live my life for Jesus. He is my King. He is my everything. He sent His Word and healed me.

Trudy Murphy