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Living Faith Missions

The Living Faith family has planted churches in several countries in recent years: Russia, Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras.

Our people have also ministered in many nations such as Australia, England, Wales, Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Kazahstan, Kirgisia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Haiti, Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Sudan, Kenya, Japan, South Korea, Tanzania, Malawi and other countries.

We have also sent construction teams to Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Sudan, Malawi and one other closed country.


Sudan 1998: trip report and reflections from team members.

Practical Missions Stuff:

Going on a foreign missions trip? We have a lot of information for you. Also see What I Take on a Trip by Malcolm.

Please do write to people in foreign countries but if you're communicating with someone in a closed country please read our correspondence guidelines first!

Ch*na stuff.

Some of the missions ministries we work with:

Impact Ministries: Richard & Sara Michalski work in Eastern Europe in evangelism, Bible & literature distribution, food & medical aid, and training. We have worked with them in the past with evangelistic crusades.

Teams Commissioned for Christ International: Based in Orlando, Florida and led by Tim & Marie Kuck, TCCI works in Mexico and Guatemala in church planting, evangelism, aid and short-term missions teams. We work with them regularly in church planting, construction projects and leadership training.

Our special TCCI friends:

John & Rita Pappa are ministering in many areas of Guatemala including the Quiche area, the Ixil Triangle and villages near the El Salvador border.
John & Rita Pappa
They assist local and regional pastors to reach their villages for Christ and to help meet the needs of the people. Rita's teaching background has also opened doors for them to tell Guatemalan children about Jesus.

Bart & Pam Biddle moved, in 1996, into the TCCI base at Pueblo Nuevo, Guatemala.
Bart & Pam Biddle & family
The base is not only their home but also houses visiting missions teams in dormitory-style quarters. In addition to hosting mission teams, they have traveled to remote parts of Guatemala encouraging the saints, holding evangelistic services in Spanish and ministering to children and adults.

Tim Kuck is the President of TCCI. We've known Tim for many years. Here is his story:
Tim Kuck
It was in 1988 that the Lord sovereignly prompted me to go on my first missions trip. I began to lead trips from our church and even organized several trips from the business where I was employed. Then in 1993 a group of us felt the Lord was directing us to take another step, which was to formally become organized and I was chosen to become president of our newly formed group, Teams Commissioned for Christ International. I am an ordinary guy who wants to make his life count, to bear fruit which will last, to glorify God while being faithful and obedient to His call and direction. My wife, Marie, and I have three young children and we live in Orlando.

We have also known Tim's wife Marie for years. Here is her story:
Marie Kuck
Marie has been involved with short term missions for 15 years. Her missions work has taken her to Africa, South America, Central America, Mexico, Jamaica, France and the inner city of Chicago. Prior to her involvement with TCCI, Marie worked as a youth minister for nearly 10 years. In that time she witnessed the fruit of short-term missions in the lives of young people, as time and time again, lives were radically changed as a result of their time on the field! A graduate of Wheaton College, Marie has taught in the Dept. of Communications at North Central Bible College in Minneapolis, cohosted a local Christian television talk show “Today’s Family” in Orlando and has enjoyed the opportunity to minister to people through music, drama, public speaking and one-on-one. She and her husband, Tim, are founding members of TCCI. Marie says she is wife to the greatest husband in the world, Tim, and mom to 3 of the best children... Brianna, Ashley and Nathaniel. The Kucks reside in Orlando, Florida. Marie Kuck produced and directed the video series "Go Prepared." This series is fast becoming the most popular training tool for short-term mission teams.

Helping Hands Ministries: Our friend Bobby Gibson ministers in Honduras in aid, construction and personal evangelism. We have worked with Bobby in leadership training and construction.

Kalibu Ministries: Shekinah/Kalibu is a native ministry founded in Malawi and reaching out to remote areas in that country as well as Mocambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa, Rwanda, and New Sudan. In Africa, it is known as "Kalibu Kwa Yesu," which means, "You are welcome to come and dine with us together with Jesus." We have known Michael and Roz Howard for many years and have worked with them in leadership training, crusades and evangelism, and construction projects. Watch a video of Michael showing the Bible School in New Sudan.

Vic & Kerry Lewis have a great prophetic and pastoral ministry in Redcliffe, Australia. We are hoping to do some leadership training with them in Papua-New Guinea in the future.

In several closed countries it is our privilege to work with many wonderful national leaders as well as foreign ministries and missionaries.