Building a Family of Destiny
Worship and fostering worship
Loving and being loved
Growing and encouraging growth
Loving and giving life

Phyre Generation is the youth ministry of LFF.
Our vision is to breakdown the walls of the Generations, integration with the body of Christ "the Church". Having a true family of destiny where we can grow together, build relationships with older and younger people and in our passion for God. We desire to equip people for active service for God. Healthy, knowledgeable focused people, on Phyre for God. Seeing Him at work in or everyday life and feeling Him in all that we do.

With regular sports and community events each week growing people together.

Through Wednesday Night Alive, regularly equipping, with practical and relevant skills to live our Christian life and promote God in all we do. Our regular worship service Sunday night, seeking God's best in our lives with "to the point" Holy Spirit lead times in God.