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Songs from China

The Water Reaches The Heaven

The water reaches the heaven, oh, the heaven reaches the water,
Blue, blue water, you break my heart.
Oh vast ocean, you show no sign of any bound,
Can you hear, my beloved mother land afar?

The heavens belong to the Lord, and we are His people.
Waves of the Long River, fountains of the Yellow River,
When are you returning to the face of your God?
May you hear, my beloved mother land afar.

May the glory of the Lord fill the valleys,
May the refreshing wind of the Spirit blow all across the land,
I cry for you over the sea, I pray for you to the Lord,
May the earth of China shake, at the presence of the Lord.


To Live For You

You gave me life, that I can devote it back to You;
You gave me breath, that I can praise your Holy Name.
If I live long, or if the trumpets blow today,
I'll live for You, Lord, I'll live for You.

The day I met You, Lord, the world can no longer draw me,
Because You are my life, I'll live for you as long as I live.
If I live long, or if the trumpets blow today,
I'll live for You, Lord, I'll live for You.


Give Me A Chinese Heart

Give me a Chinese heart, a Chinese heart,
Whenever I sing in this foreign land,
I weep when I remember you.
China, oh China, the beloved of my heart,
May you weep no longer;
China, on, China, if I forget you,
May my right hand forget its skills;
China, oh, China, if I don't remember you,
May my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth.


A Way Through The Sea

China is like a vast ocean,
When you struggle in the mighty water,
The water and the overwhelming waves are all that you can see.
The turmoil of the roaring waves gulp up your passion,
And the depressing dark clouds deprive you of your direction.

It's only when your loving heavenly Father takes you to a higher place,
When you look down from above,
That you'll see, the path God has built through the sea,
That nobody can destroy.

He will do a new thing, far beyond what your heart can perceive,
Oh, be courageous and be bold, don't fear or lose your heart.
Servant of God, the Lord will guide you.
Walk on the way He has appointed, to accomplish His purpose,
To glorify the name of the Lord in the land of China.


Let Me Love and Not Be Respected

Let me love and not be respected.
Let me serve and not be rewarded
Let me labor and not be remembered
Let me suffer and not be regarded.
'Tis the pouring, not the drinking;
'Tis the breaking, not the keeping-
A life suff'ring to seek other's blessing.
A life loving and true comfort giving.
Not accepting pity and concern.
Not accepting, solace and applause;
Even lonely, even forgotten,
Even wordless, even forsaken.
Tears and blood my price
For the righteous crown shall be;
Losing all, my cost
For a faithful pilgrim's life.

'Twas the life, O Lord, that You chose to live.
In those days when on earth You walked,
Gladly suff'ring all injuries and loss
So that all might draw near and repose.
I cannot see how much farther I shall go;
Still I press on knowing there is no return
Let me follow Your pattern so perfect and true
Bearing ingratitude without complaint
In this time of trial, O my Lord, I pray
That You'd wipe all my hidden tears away
Let me learn, O Lord, You are my reward,
Let me be others' blessing all my days.