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Genuinely Valuable Links

We use all the following and recommend them to you:

Internet filter: Safe Eyes. Keep pornography etc. off your computer.

Free web-based email at the most reliable and lowest hassle free email service on the web. Save This is a free service that lets you save and distribute links on the web.

Start an email newsletter for your Web site or business. IntelliContact is our recommended email list management software. This is the one we use.

CallWave for their fax to email service.

The best search engine we've found is Google. Check out for a cool service.

Ebay: for Ebay sign up here.

Books: The best online Christian bookstore (after ours, of course!) is Please always use this link to shop there as we have an affiliate relationship with them. Please always use this one to shop at for the same reason. Likewise for which is one place where we go for used books. Also check out for new books - they've started to have excellent prices. Another excellent place for used Christian books is: Kregel. Also try Brightlight Books. AddALL searches over 40 bookstores for used books. AllBookstores searches stores too. Also BestWebBuys for new books, etc. Alibris for used books.

Vitamins: Vitacost.


Audio books: Audible.

Magazines: We read (and recommend) U.S. News & World Report and also PC Magazine. PC World is also very good on computer stuff. For cutting edge business/culture we like Fast Company, Wired and Business 2.0. For other magazines, has good subscription prices.

Computer stuff: For software: Academic Superstore (will sometimes give academic discounts to home schoolers). For new computers we recommend Dell. For software and a variety of other stuff, will sometimes have the best price; try also Ecost and Cheap electronics at

Music stuff: Guitar Trader, Instrument Pro (Be sure to feature this coupon code (AFF01), which is good for 5% off any purchase at Instrument Pro).

We use GoDaddy for domain registration - it's the cheapest around. For good quality, inexpensive Dreamweaver or Frontpage templates for websites try Sitebuilder.

Security stuff: Zone Alarm is highly recommended for free firewall protection. If you need email encryption then we highly recommend Zixmail, a paid service, or try SecureNym or Esend, which is built specifically for missions. Lavasoft makes Ad-aware: a recommended and free spyware removal utility that scans your memory, registry and hard drives for known spyware components and lets you remove them safely. Also check out Spybot; it's free and excellent.

Comparison shopping sites:;;; DealTime;

Using Microsoft Office: assistance site.

Virus Stuff: For a free online virus scanner see Trend Micro. Free AVG antivirus software. Please check Computer Associates' Virus Encyclopedia for information re viruses and the equally pervasive virus hoaxes. See Virus Hoaxes for information on what hoaxes are and how to tell them.

Hoaxes, etc.: Hoaxbusters has a good list of hoax sites (phony emails, urban legends, etc.). Quackwatch probes health and medical hoaxes. Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal examines things like aliens and dowsing, etc. James Randi Educational Foundation debunks various psychic hoaxes.

Office supplies: Viking Office Products.

Kids' Stuff: extensive homework site from Microsoft. Top sites for students. For kids privacy issues. For clean joke site. Oxford site about words. Online thesaurus.

Tax: With the Quicken Tax Freedom Project, you might be able to prepare and e-file your federal and state returns for free.

Travel: For cheap tickets check out Or Economy Travel. Or Travel Now. We also check prices on Orbitz or Expedia or Cheap Tickets or or Site59. Also Yahoo has a decent site for checking cheap prices too. On-Line Airline Information Web site is great for general information.

For seat information on planes. A great help - this site gives seat maps and recommendations!

For Radisson Hotels. For Or: To send money by Western Union. For cruises. For

Frequent Flyer Programs:
United: join "Mileage Plus." Northwest: WorldPerks Enrollment.

See our missions trip resource page for extensive information on travel.

Phone Cards: Noblecom has great rates.

Currency Conversion: or CNN or Oanda.

Telephone directories: 1-800-FREE-411, AT&T, Switchboard.

National Do Not Call Registry: Most telemarketers cannot call your telephone number if it is in the National Do Not Call Registry. You can register your home and mobile phone numbers for free. Your registration will be effective for five years. Register here.

Indiana Telephone Privacy Program: Being placed on the Telephone Privacy List will eliminate most telemarketing calls! Here is the phone number to call to add your phone number to the Attorney General's list that prohibits telemarketers from calling your home: 1-888-834-9969 or 1-800-382-5516. They will ask for the name that appears on your phone bill, address and phone number. Also, check out for a variety of information.

The Direct Marketing Association has established privacy protection guidelines and fair information practices for the direct marketing industry. Copies of these guidelines and practices may be obtained from the Direct Marketing Association, 1111 19th Street NW, Washington, DC 20036-3603.

If you would like to reduce the amount of national advertising mail or telemarketing calls you receive at home, please write to:

Mail Preference Service
c/o Direct Marketing Association
P.O. Box 9008
Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008

Telephone Preference Service
c/o Direct Marketing Association
P.O. Box 9014
Farmingdale, NY 11735-9014

These services are provided as a free consumer service by the Direct Marketing Association. You should see a reduction in the amount of national and/or local advertising you receive within 90 days after registering with these services. For both services, you must include your first and last name, address, city, state and ZIP code. Also, for the Telephone Preference Service, you must also include your area code and telephone number.

To cut down on preapproved credit card offers, opt out by calling 888-567-8688.