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An Enquiry into the Obligations of Christians to Use Means for the Conversion of the Heathens
by William Carey. The entire text of this classic work.

The Status of Global Evangelization. Source: International Bulletin of Missionary Research, January 2002. David B. Barrett & Todd M. Johnson.

The Changing Cultural Ethos of Latin America by Gailyn Van Rheenen.

Unveiling Islam by Window of Opportunity. An excellent introduction to Islam.

An Interview Schedule for Church Leaders When Visiting Missionaries On The Field by Michael Landon and Ed Mathews.

Women in Missions:

A Woman's Place: Women reaching women is key to the future of missions by Wendy Murray Zoba. Great article about the history of women in missions.


China's Christian History by Charles Horner. Insightful summary of the history of Christianity in China.

What I Learned in China by Allen D. Hertzke. Analysis of the currrent attitude towards Christianity in Chinese society.

Why I don't pray for China to open by Ralph Covell. Why do I not pray for China to open? In short, because I think God has his harvesters in China to reach the harvest field there.

Conflict Resolution in Chinese Churches by Johan Fu. It is often said that the problem with the Chinese is that, instead of combining and working together against a common adversary, Chinese attack one another. Fu claims that this characteristic carries over into the Chinese church and in this article he attempts to identify some of the roots of the problem and suggest ways of addressing it.

General Bibliography on China and Christianity in China compiled by Ken Sinclair and Gailyn Van Rheenen.

A Tale of China's Two Churches: Eyewitness reports of repression and revival by Timothy C. Morgan.


The Dictionary of African Christian Biography. An electronic database containing the essential biographical facts of African Christian leaders, evangelists, and workers chiefly responsible for laying the foundations and advancing the growth of Christian communities in Africa.

Street Children:

Over a Million Children Involved in Child Prostitution. In the race to escape poverty, whole villages in Asia are sometimes involved in selling their children into prostitution.

Children at risk by James Beaunaux (October, 1993). It is difficult to picture the number of children living on the world's streets, many unattached to any family at all. To put it in perspective, suppose every one of the 49.6 million residents of the 10 western states of the continental U.S. were a child on the streets. In reality, street children in the world number more than twice that amount. The standard reference figure quoted for street children around the world today, including those in the U.S., is 100 million. Whole story.

One Less Street Kid in Loja. Story of redemption in Ecuador.

Mega-Sites on Missions

MisLinks is a web-based directory focused on offering for missionaries, mission pastors, teachers, and researchers, students of mission and mission agencies.

The knowledge base at The Network for Strategic Missions has over 8000 articles on missions!

World Christian Resource Directory.

Brigada: Top Mission Resources.

Missions Links from CMD.

WEF World Mission Directory.

Training for Missions

International Missionary Training Fellowship. Many great resources and downloads.

Training for Cross-Cultural Ministries Bulletin, Jonathan Lewis, Editor. Downloadable issues.


Are you going on a missions trip?

Please do write to people in foreign countries but if you're communicating with someone in a closed country please read our correspondence guidelines first!