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Going on a Missions Trip?


Get passport application forms directly from U.S. government.

Perry International can assist you in getting the correct documentation for your overseas travel including pas , visas & legalizations. We use their service for visas. Their site also has links to foreign embassies and many other useful links. Or, check Travel Document Systems for visa info. 

Passport Express expedites a U.S. Passport for your trip - as fast as in 24 hours. Only use this if absolutely necessary (very expensive). Plan in advance!

Government Sites:

U.S. State Department: all kinds of information including travel advisories and warnings.

Embassy Information: The Electronic Embassy focuses on the embassies in Washington, D.C. The Embassy Page lists embassies online worldwide. Or, try

Expenses: GSA and State Department list Domestic Per Diem Rates and Foreign Per Diem Rates for business travelers.

Country Information:

The CIA World Fact Book is always useful. Also see Virtual Tourist. The Ethnologue has detailed country by country information about languages and cultures worldwide.

Lonely Planet contains lots of valuable information about travelling in different regions of the world. Especially check out their section on health.

The Washington Post International Section offers a country page with recent news articles, State Department and CIA links, weather, currency and other statistical information, and other Internet links for almost every country.

Health Information:

Check the Centers for Disease Control. The Medical College of Wisconsin International Travelers Clinic offers the traveler some general health advice (such as a suggested travel kit) as well as specific disease and immunization information and material on general environmental hazards.


For cheap tickets check prices on, Orbitz or Expedia. Yahoo has a decent site for checking cheap prices too. On-Line Airline Information Web site is great for general information.

If possible, buy your tickets directly from the airline itself (their websites often give a little discount for online booking) - then if there's a problem you have a better chance of it being taken care of. But if the price is significantly better at a travel agent or through a consolidator, then go for that. Prices change all the time - both up and down.

In addition to the airfare consolidators (discounters) that accept bookings directly from the public, a number of other powerful consolidators deal only with travel agents and can often be the source of extremely low fares. When a travel agent writes you an air ticket to any part of the world, always ask him/her to contact a member of the United States Air Consolidators Association, which will surely offer an advantageous price for your ticket. The Web sites of some of the members of UACA are,,,,,,,, and, of which only DFW and Solar take reservations directly from the public.

Phone Cards: Noblecom has great rates.

Frequent Flyer Programs: United: join "Mileage Plus." Northwest: WorldPerks Enrollment.

Other Useful Stuff:

Advice: Hints for travellers from the Ozzies. Also see What I Take on a Trip by Malcolm Webber.

Currency: Universal Currency Converter. The Xenon Currency Converter converts between most of the world's currencies.

Foreign Language: The Travlang Company. Here's a site that will give you quick and free translation - quite poor quality but it will give you the idea.

Luggage: The Excess Baggage Company maintains a website devoted to baggage. See especially their very detailed customs guides that cover almost 100 countries.

Time Zones: US Navy Time Converter

Travel News: Newspage, which offers personalized news delivery, provides daily listings of stories relating to the travel industry.

Travel Stuff: useful article on latest stuff (bags, clothing, accessories, etc.) with sources.

Weather: CNN Weather Worldwide; National Weather Service