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Writings by Malcolm Webber, Ph.D.

To buy Dr. Webber's books, manuals and tapes please see our online bookstore. Here are some more writings that are not available there as well as some that are.


Who Were the Sons of God of Genesis 6? Deals with the issue of the identity of the Sons of God of Genesis 6. The answer may surprise you!

Jesus, the Son of Man. “Son of Man” was Jesus’ most common title in the gospels. This article deals with the meaning of this enigmatic title and why Jesus used it.

Can a Christian Have a Demon? Answers this question from a Scriptural perspective.

Biblical Faith for Healing. Contrasts biblical faith for healing with a traditional approach to healing and also with the extreme faith message. You must read this, if you’ve ever been involved with the faith message!

Healing in the Old Testament: Natural and Supernatural by Malcolm Webber, Ph.D. A study of natural and supernatural healing in the life of God's people, Israel. If you've ever been under an "extreme faith" message you need to read this!

The Transforming Work of the Holy Spirit in the Christian's Life. A very simple but powerful model of how God transforms our lives and how we can best respond to it.

Foundations. Comprehensive study of basic foundational truths. HTML | PDF (coming) | Buy this book.

Introduction to the Older Testament. Comprehensive introduction to the theology and literature types of the Old Testament.

Purpose: Finding and Fulfilling the Will of God for Our Lives and Churches. HTML | PDF (coming) | Buy this book.

Biblically Balanced Faith. Corrects the imbalances of fatalism on one hand and extreme faith on the other. Powerpoint is available here. This teaching (titled Biblically Balanced Faith) is also available on tape from our online bookstore.


Morality in a Fallen and Pluralistic World. Considers what should be the basis for a humanistically “good” society in a pluralistic world.

A Critique of Modern American Society and Christian Involvement. Considers how America is doing. Also looks at the appropriate responsibilities of Christians in a pluralistic society.


The Leadership Letters. An extensive series of short essays on various important leadership subjects.

The Improvising Organization. Examines the finely tuned relationship between discipline and art in an organizational structure that balances strategic planning with spontaneous improvisation. A slighty different version of this was published in the Journal of Organizational Leadership.

Preventing Leader Derailment - How to support and enable your leadership to succeed. This article studies leadership derailment and how to prevent it. Published in CellChurch Magazine.

The Challenges of Multiculturalism for the American Church. Examines the implicit parochialism of many current models and theories of organizational leadership in America, while asserting the need – both demographically and scripturally – for models that intentionally embrace the increasingly multicultural scope of Christian ministry in this country.


What I Take on a Trip. A useful list of stuff for business or missions trips.