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Living Faith Prophetic Words
May 2002



Sunday, May 5, 2002:

For I am the Lord that grants the requests of His people. I will pour over you, says the Lord, for I know it's your hearts desire. I'll pour over you. I'll pour over you, says the Lord. For the days that you call out to Me, "Abba Father," I will change the way that I am thinking of you, says the Lord, from being children to being the sons and daughters of the Most High God. And I'll pour out My love and I'll pour over you in a special way. The days that you come before Me and seek Me, the days you come before My Word and say, "Lord, purge my heart. Pour over me, Lord. Pour over me." I said come, says the Lord. These days are precious days and none like seen on the earth before. I say if you want Me to pour over you, I say come before Me, says the Lord.

Wednesday, May 8, 2002 ("Waiting on God" meeting):

1. The Lord showed me the hearts of those who have laid down their lives in travail for the sakes of others. There are kids who are spending time before God in brokenness just crying out for the lives of their parents, parents for the lives of their kids that they would know God. And I felt Him say that He sees that. He sees us. He knows our hearts that we're crying out for the people that we love, burdened to see them walk before the Lord. And He wants to say that, " I see them and I'm answering and I will bring them in." As we continue to realize that it's Him that does the work and it is not us; but as we yield ourselves to Him, He's going to do it. He just wanted to encourage some of us here that He sees and He knows and He's doing the work. Not in our time, but in His time. He will do it and He will do it faithfully. He'll do it well.

3. The Lord gave a picture of a town with a bunch of roads leading into it. All the roads leading into this town were the different callings in everyone's life and if we'll just take that first step out into the calling that the Lord has given us, He's right there with us and all the roads lead into the center of town which is Jesus Christ Himself. And He died on the cross so that we would know Him and we could walk with Him through our calling to Him.

4. As a church we are in a transitional stage right now. God is moving us into a new phase of life and a new phase of ministry. And we are right now in a transitional time and of course a time of transition in birthing is a very difficult time. It's a painful time. It's a time of constriction. It's a time of squeezing. It's a difficult time. And we've been in this transitional period for a little while already now and we need to continue to push through because when we break through this transitional time God is going to bring us into a new place of fruitfulness and a new place of broader impact. God is going to soon do this, as we will push through, as we will break through. He will fulfill His purposes. He will give us a soon expansion. A soon expansion of life, an expansion of life, an expansion of fruitfulness, an expansion of living ministry, a ministry of His spirit in us and through us. This is soon coming to us as a church. But we must fight because with the inheritance of greater release of the spirit of God comes greater opposition, comes greater attack, comes greater strength in the enemy and those that the enemy sends against us. And so we must not be naïve and think that we will just waltz easily into greater things in God but there are going to be battles ahead. Strong battles ahead as we go through an intense time and an intense time of transition. But I believe that God has put within this family a heart of courage, a heart of sacrifice, a heart of love for God, a heart of zeal and passion for God, a heart that will continue to press through whatever the cost, whatever the pain that we'll continue to fight. That we'll continue to push. That we'll push for the highest, for the highest callings of God to be fulfilled in this family. This is where God has us right now. We are going to break through by the power of His spirit into a new place, a wider place, a broader place. A place of greater strength, a place of greater power, a place of greater living, breathing, spiritual ministry.


Sunday, May 19, 2002:

1. Let deep call unto deep. The Lord is here with the depths of His being, the depths of His treasures, the depths of what He has given to us in the Lord Jesus Christ. And He said, "Let the depths I have put in you cry out to the depths that are in Me. I want to come with all that is within Me to the depths that I have put within you. So let the depths in your spirit, connected with the Holy Spirit, cry out to Me this morning because I am here. I am here to hear your cry. I am here with all of those treasures that are hidden within the depths of Me."

2. As we were singing the song about loving His name and His name being worthy, I had a glimpse into the heavenly realm and I saw Jesus high and lifted up. And all around as far as I could see were people clothed in white singing with us. Singing with us. And all around Jesus and His feet the angels that attend Him that are around Him were prostrate before Him. And the Lord says, "This is Holy ground this morning. That My presence is here in a very, very real way and this is holy ground this morning." The Lord would say, "Bow your hearts before Me. Hold nothing back. Bow your hearts before Me this morning. Let My Spirit search your heart. Let Me search; let My lamp come and search your innermost heart. Let Me reveal to you the things that are hidden in your own heart. Let Me take them. Let Me take them. Make the choice in your heart to let Me take them and deal with them. For this is holy ground this morning. This is holy ground" says the Lord.

3. God showed me the song, "He is beaten and He has conquered the power of death." And He's saying that if there's anyone that you know that isn't saved that doesn't know God, He's saying don't wait to tell them about Him. Don't wait. Right now we are going through the end times and He is coming soon. And He's saying Don't wait. Do not wait any longer. These people need to know the Father.

4. The Lord says that I am here this morning to breathe new life into My body for is it not My life which you live. It not I that live in you? Yes, it is My life that I bring before you today. So breathe in. Sing to Me a new song this morning. For is it not that new song that liberates your spirit? Come before Me. I desire thee to come before Me singing in a new song, says the Lord. So come. Take in of Me for I am here to bring new life, to breathe new life, into My body.

5. The Lord's heart is moved with compassion for His bride this morning. As we've opened our hearts, as we've worshipped from our heart, His heart is moved with compassion. He wants to bring healing.

Sunday, May 26, 2002:

1. The Lord just wants you to know that He is here. He is here with His love. He is here with the power of His love. And if you’ll let Him, He will come and push back everything that’s resisting His love. He will push back from your life everything that’s holding back His love. If you will let Him this morning, he will come and do it. He will push back the unworthiness. He will push back the hopelessness. He will push back whatever in your life is keeping you from letting His love in—in an intimate personal way. He is here to love you personally this morning. He is here: a personal Lord, a Savior, a personal Redeemer. He wants to love you. There is a picture in the Song of Solomon. He pictures us as His garden. Each individual is a garden that He comes and He delights in this garden. Because He is the one that made this garden. He is the one that put the beauty in this garden in every one of our individual lives. And He wants to come to the garden that He put within you this morning. So open your heart. Don’t resist any longer. Don’t fear that there are things in your life that you don’t want Him to see. Stop and think how ridiculous that is. He sees everything. Everything is open to Him. Everything is light to Him. There is nothing in your life that He does not already know. So open your heart this morning. Open your heart and let Him come in. He will be to you the God who loves you, the God who cares. He will wrap you in His love this morning. Let Him do it.

2. Father, I ask that you would come by Your Spirit and break down every resistance of intimacy with you. Lord, you’re calling us to intimacy. You’re calling us to a deeper level than we’ve ever known of Your love so Lord, come this morning. Come and break down everything that’s keeping us from it, in Jesus name.

3. The promise, says God. The promise is sure and steadfast and stands upon the rock. For I am the rock, says God. I am. Is there any other God besides me? I know not it. I am the God of your life. I am your Father. This is why the promise is sure and steadfast because I am your God.

4. As I was worshiping the Lord, the Lord showed me Jesus was giving out and He turned to us, to His people and He’s waved us to come, just to come and to always be running as fast as we could and I was trampled over by the crowd and after everybody past I stood up and turned back around and there were still thousands of people behind us who hadn’t run after God and I blinked and I opened my eyes and all that was there was fire. They were washed away. And I turned in a circle and everyone was gone and then I turned again and behind me everybody was down on their knees praying and worshipping God with their whole hearts. And as we worshipped angels surrounded us and they danced in the sky and one by one they joined us. Lord don’t let our vision die. Don’t let our hearts grow cold Father. Continue burdening us with the lives of others. Lord you put it in our hearts. Let it be our cry everyday to reach out. Let us live as close to you Lord Jesus as we can. Thank you Lord Jesus.

5. The Lord showed me a field of green grass, wild flowers growing. On the other side of the field I saw a woods and this is a dark woods and the Lord says that some of you have been in, not the field of green grass and wild flowers, but you’ve been in the dark woods. And it’s been a dark time in your life for a number of months now. It’s been a heavy and dark time and you’ve felt like you’re just closed in this dark place. As I looked at the trees in this woods, they were beginning to bring forth leaves. They weren’t dead trees. They were alive. They were in a dormant time and as I watched they began to bring forth leaves. They began to sprout life again. And the Lord would encourage some people here that even though you’ve been in this seemingly very dark time that he’s been right beside you. And now he’s beginning to bring life once again. From the dormancy, you’re going to see the fruit come forth of what he’s allowed you to go through and you’re going to see the green leaves in bloom on the trees once again. And the dark woods will become green and fresh and living and you will come out into a field of green grass and wild flowers. This time in your life will not last forever. He wants to encourage you. This is not going to last forever. And he wants to minister to some people here about that. And he also began to show me someone’s throat that was red, continually sore for a long time. It would come and it would go. You’ve been really concerned about this. And then he showed me ears and TMJ and the jaw and different eye and sinus conditions and I thought it’s all things to do with the head and the nose and the eyes and the ears and he said, I am the eyes, ear and nose specialist. I am the specialist in all those things. And he’s saying this morning that if you’ve been experiencing infections or problems in anything to do with the area of your head, any part of it, that he wants to heal you. He is here this morning and if you will come we have a prayer team that can pray with you and God will meet you and the people going through the dark woods he will enable you to see the light again. He will show you the leaves beginning to form and you will see your way out through His grace.